We must recognize that trans people are also casualties of war. They are victims of Munchausen By Proxy which was first perfected and applied in the Chinese revolution.

  • 00:31 Big Ugly is escalating; Peak Ugly will involve all the people who took the shot; Nattokinase; Glutathione
  • 03:10 Trans people are also casualties of war…victims of Munchausen By Proxy weaponized by CCP
  • 08:45 100 million Chinese invasion of US, starting with Canada
  • 10:01 Khazarians have been involved with China since 1921; Mao’s Jews
  • 12:40 Jews were never in Judea; Altered the Old Testament in 1339
  • 13:45 Armed support for trans kids; Testosterone is a huge problem if you don’t have a prostate
  • 21:00 Khazarians (descendants of Mongolians) were fierce warriors – blood drinkers; No binding ethos or greater allegiance; Weapon of choice is psychological warfare
  • 27:40 Maybe a third of CCP are not true believers
  • 29:40 Detox kits for trans people

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/weapon-of-choice

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