Khazarians expect an economic reset will push everyone into CBDCs. In reality, a new cash, local, and offline economy will develop.

  • 01:10 Earth Day celebration by the REAL climate deniers who deny that climate changes all the time
  • 02:13 Clam tide on the beach; Clam gun; Razor clams
  • 06:05 Big Ugly; Point of maximum intensity – looks like May and June – economically triggered
  • 11:00 Smart guys are de-dollarizing; Khazarians cooked up American Empire
  • 12:50 Babylonian Banking System; Khazarians – Not the Jews
  • 17:50 Emotionally stable after June 18
  • 18:40 Linked datasets made no sense in 2000… New money (bitcoin) related to economic crises related to UFOs; Space aliens more by September;
  • 21:30 Cash Is King period; Difficult to do things online
  • 24:00 Bill Gates has no more credibility
  • 25:20 Antartica stuff maybe in 2025

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