The algiz (Z) symbol was used by several ancient cultures for the spark of life. They were obviously aware of the electric nature of the Universe.

  • 01:20 Algiz is Germanic for the Z rune; Russian and Germanic symbol for defense, life, and the soul
  • 05:30 Electric Universe; Eoliz = Spark; Codex Oera Linda; Copper Mining; Ancient Manuscripts – Proto Hebrew
  • 09:00 Jain people; Discharge symbol
  • 14:00 Human body vibrational signatures; Tartaria
  • 19:45 Spark of Life; Soul
  • 23:09 Thinking and Destiny; Divine drop of intuition
  • 25:00 85 million recreations before getting to human
  • 27:40 Khazarian Mafia trying to taint the Z symbol like they did the swastika; Trying to popularize the Peace symbol
  • 29:15 Tartarian electric games
  • 32:04 Clif High’s Pure Sleep – melatonin

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