There is no reason to fear AI. In fact, it will be a great assistant for dealing with the issues we are facing.

  • 00:30 Common man’s impression of AI; Fear #1: Eaten – Takeover
  • 03:40 Bill Gates does not code; Bought DOS
  • 04:42 Black Goo promulgators
  • 06:32 Fear #2: Being Replaced
  • 08:50 Practical AI example for tree trimmers
  • 10:55 AI is stupid, brittle, massive downtime, massively wrong, and downright deceptive; 25 antigravity examples “discovered by Chat GPT
  • 15:00 Databases and Large Language Models (LLM)
  • 19:00 Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • 20:40 Monad; Index
  • 35:26 Replacing jobs; Law AI; Insurance; Finance; Government; Medical Text
  • 38:25 Sensors on cars; AI Assistants
  • 40:05 AI does not do creativity; Modular AI; Gravity
  • 41:40 Space Alien AI
  • 45:28 Sound Money
  • 47:45 Velcro; Printed Circuits, Fine Wire Phasing; Multilayer Amalgams

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