The American Empire—along with the UN and NGOs—will fall apart as fiat currency and the Fed die. Hidden truths will be uncovered as silence can no longer be paid for with worthless fiat.

  • 00:55 Preparing for the death of the American empire; We were supposed to be isolationists; Zionism propelling lots of American Empire building; El does not equal God
  • 04:00 Communism was a Zionist plot to create controlled opposition to the monarchies; NGOs will go away due to lack of funding; Age of Aquarius ending 5000 years of Khazarian manipulation
  • 08:40 Bribery with fiat will break down as will UN
  • 10:25 Less than 1% of people claiming to be Jews have any DNA connection to ancient Hebrews
  • 14:00 Zevites thought they could ascend to God through sin
  • 19:25 MAC addresses on dead not due to vaxxed
  • 21:25 Misinterpretation of blood plasma under microscopes

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