The Einsteinian science that has defined so much of our Universe over the last century is bogus. A change in perspective opens up a much more comprehensive understanding of things.

  • 00:24 Sloppy casual language will shift to a new level of precision; Physics and astrophysics (quantum and Einstein) is seriously flawed
  • 02:15 Why do stars shine?; Red Shaift and Age of Universe; No entropic galaxies and suns; Why volcanoes and earthquakes; No subduction zones
  • 06:04 Expanding Earth; Neal Adams – ; Pangea
  • 09:00 Consciousness; Red Shift can’t be used to predict distances
  • 12:00 Hydrogen ions; Electric Universe; Sun is very heavy metal
  • 14:50 Aether; Eric Weinstein – Unified Geometry
  • 16:25 Flat Earth
  • 18:50 Russian Z Forces; Scalar Weapons; Kozyrev
  • 21:10 A Sun can’t be a nuclear explosion
  • 23:00 Boscovich
  • 24:15 Aetherists; Everything emits magnetic fields
  • 25:55 Continuous Creation and Destruction Model
  • 27:30 Gravity is weak

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