Details to expect as the economic portion of the Big Ugly climaxes in a couple weeks.

  • 00:25 Home Depot sales down; Nasty part of Big Ugly economics coming up; What local politicians support Biden Admin?
  • 02:55 Shift of language relative to the shots
  • 04:45 Media won’t be able to go down the street
  • 07:30 “The Feds” are the bad guys in every language; FBI
  • 11:30 Analog to the collapse of the Soviet Union
  • 13:45 Transport problems; Amazon example; True cost
  • 17:00 Social media users engaged vs mainstream media dunces
  • 20:00 Narrative will backfire
  • 22:15 Battles with immigrants worldwide
  • 25:30 Data sets: 250-house subdivision burned down due to retribution against banksters; No relation to white supremacy or antisemitism

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