Normies will be receptive to anything once they accept the idea, over the next couple weeks, that they were poisoned by the penetration.

  • 00:55 Last week of May to first week of June = Local emotional peak of the Big Ugly; Awakening to the scamdemic
  • 03:30 “Shock of the new” seems to be the result of the way the media works
  • 07:35 The “science” of virology is goofy pseudoscience
  • 12:05 Jeffery Epstein; Clock ticking on the elites; Normalizing pedophelia
  • 17:40 Obamas; Khazarian Mafia; Zionist central banks; Jewish Privilege
  • 22:55 Black mob violence against Jewish people; Welfare system will fail; CBDCs won’t happen
  • 27:45 ANTIFA will turn due to drug shortages
  • 31:30 Debt ceiling won’t be raised

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