Humans appear to be genetically modified…damage at DNA site #2 indicates the original gene was burned away. By space aliens?

  • 00:35 Seed oils and inter-abdominal fats
  • 01:50 Burst exercises and systemic enzymes; Pregnant man belly
  • 04:40 Ab Zapper Belt
  • 09:15 Developing Space Alien Theory – We are all basically GMO specimens
  • 11:00 Why did the space aliens come?
  • 13:10 CRISPR – Gene-editing machine
  • 15:55 Artifact of editing in the number 2 gene that is different from apes and such
  • 18:00 Adam and Eve
  • 20:00 White people are GMOd
  • 22:00 Space aliens came from galactic center and left before the Kali Yuga
  • 24:00 May be coming back now that we are moving closer to the galactic center again
  • 29:18 White people and Asians have the most damage in DNA site #2
  • 30:30 Food animals and plants have also been altered; Poison plant turned into 300 varieties of potatoes in a span of 40 years or so. Same with maze and more; Darwin’s evolution is horseshit
  • 35:25 Pressure on dogmatic religion

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