Prepare for hyper-aggressive cancers in those around you who were penetrated.

  • 00:27 Solstice – longest day of the year; Ugly will start piling on
  • 01:38 All vaccines have adjuvants; Contention that Clif’s colon, breast, and skin cancer were augmented by vaccines he was forced to take as a military brat
  • 04:00 Always producing cancer cells
  • 05:00 Colonoscopies ALWAYS find polyps
  • 08:00 Clif’s Substack on Cancer; What if Cancer Was Already Cured?
  • 10:08 Nattokinase
  • 12:30 Massive die-off over the next two years; Expect doctors to be killed by those they vaccinated; Soros
  • 15:20 Hyper-aggressive cancers
  • 17:30 Fragging on military bases
  • 19:50 Antibodies to clots
  • 21:20 Vitamin D

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