Evidence that yogurt or kefir with L Reuteri & L Gasseri protects against ionization and radiation. The arrival of competing interest rate increases.

  • 00:45 Trading in info; Exposure to ionized air; L Reuteri & L Gasseri against ionization and radiation
  • 15:20 Radiation from space alien ships
  • 17:55 Space alien timing
  • 22:45 More construction sunk off the coast of India than on land
  • 24:00 Throwaway statement that embeds itself in people’s minds and gets them excited about the subject
  • 25:45 Crack Up Boom; Nikolai Kondratiev; Competing interest rate increases
  • 30:40 SciFi world estimated for 2026

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/crack-up-boom

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One thought on “20230727 – Crack UP BOOM!”
  1. From one curmudgeon to another, thank you for your contributions to my continual enlightenment Clif.

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