Will psi abilities provide protection against the coming space aliens?

  • 00:40 Psi = Psychic – Extra Sensory Perception (ESP); NOT telepathy; Clairvoyance = Clear Voice
  • 06:00 Timelines and future probabilities; Zoroastrians
  • 09:00 Impeding fields of consciousness; Hunting example
  • 11:25 Cranial nerve X; Vagus nervous system
  • 14:58 Various versions of space aliens
  • 20:20 Circumcision and the Tower of Babel
  • 22:18 UFO issue messes with deep state plans
  • 26:45 Goyim; Circumcision cuts the psi ability
  • 29:08 Long-lived El; El are paranoid about accidents

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/psi-ing-around

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