Was Atlantis a casualty of a space alien attack? Vast quantities of chaos breaking out this Fall.

  • 01:45 RALF (Radical Ass Linguistic Fuckers) group in which Clif participates to re-translate ancient texts; Mind-to-Machine Interface Manual
  • 03:15 Gods – Elohim
  • 04:25 Mohammad’s meeting with angel
  • 06:50 Atlantis was a casualty of space alien attack; Lake under the Laurentide Ice Shield; Antarctica
  • 11:13 Scam Climate Study
  • 14:25 Genetically Modified Humans – One gene removed; Coneheads
  • 16:45 Darwinian evolution cannot be applied to humans
  • 17:40 End of Cartesian world – Consciousness is dominant over matter
  • 18:45 Vast quantities of chaos in data; Covid 2.0
  • 23:15 Arrogance of Khazarian Mafia didn’t leave allowance for failure
  • 26:00 Klaus Schwab and George Soros losing all their money
  • 28:40 Electrical power lines didn’t cause fires in Maui

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/all-chaos-all-the-time

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