Clif is getting invitations onto nationally-recognized shows. Large military presence expected in many countries.

  • 00:27 Hints as to why things may occur; Invitations to do interviews; Dangers of interviewing Clif
  • 06:30 Living in the future
  • 08:05 Data about military on US soil; Large mass of data about 2 years out
  • 11:30 The will be a large military presence in many countries; United humanity facing a lunar threat; Visible activity on the moon
  • 16:00 Growing data set with growing military activity with an underlying feeling of cooperation
  • 19:30 School system has dumbed down US citizens
  • 21:50 Hypernovelty barrier to be crossed soon; Humanity will be forced to face “the other” (space aliens)
  • 27:55 Einstein diminishes while Buckminster Fuller flourishes
  • 30:48 Throttling on Twitter

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