In this interview with Nino, Clif introduces his idea that there is an attack in the works that will have up to 13 times the emotional impact of 9/11!

Note: Apologies to Nino that the video linked on this page is not to an original/authentic Nino channel. It is a pirated version. This causes us to cringe as we strive to send the traffic to the original creator’s channel and minimize traffic to pirates. However, in this case, a dozen copies have already popped up on Bitchute while we wait for Nino to post a public version on his Rumble channel “in a couple weeks” as he suggested he might. We look forward to updating this page as soon as we see a public version posted on an official source.

  • 04:30 Dick Allgire’s remote viewing group is being blasted by an event so big that they see other target events; Clif’s data indicates this event is 3-13 times more emotive than 9/11
  • 07:00 Purpose of 9/11 was to disappear the Deep State financials and to usher in the Patriot Act; Event needed to cover the real reason for hyperinflation
  • 12:00 Khazarian Mafia activated minions of witches and the like before 9/11
  • 14:03 Nuclear may not be possible; Juan O Savin’s Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0; 3 types of DEW: 1) Sonic 2) Lasers 3) High-powered microwaves; Cheyenne Mountain or Denver Airport
  • 22:55 April 3rd; Less light during winter affects us light creatures
  • 28:35 Propogandized as a meteor or other dramatic natural “Act of God” event
  • 30:30 Pre-knowledge of the event may stop it
  • 36:45 Moment of shift from heated language to a fight; Lynch mobs
  • 39:05 1% of population is psychopath; 3% are sociopaths; Those in control hate not being in control
  • 44:45 Can we prevent this event?; Remote viewers saw the Lahaina event a year ahead
  • 48:00 Clif’s dive into the Elohim mind-to-machine concept; Tower of Babel and confounding of the language
  • 51:35 We’re winning on lots of little fronts; Transgender doctors are running scared of retribution

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