Importance of melanin in our light-based anatomy and how future medicine will be based on light. Tension is super high and can only be released by a 9/11-style event.

  • 00:30 Space aliens used our brains to control their spaceships; Neurosurgeon Jack Kruse on light as controller for our anatomy; Humans are carbon-based semiconductors
  • 03:20 In the future, light will be used instead of drugs
  • 04:30 Don’t fall for computer graphics doing “med bed” type healing
  • 08:05 We were the “chip” supply for space aliens
  • 09:30 Melanin
  • 15:15 Coming light-based society
  • 17:00 Big event coming; DEW attacks will finally galvanize normies
  • 22:15 CBDCs won’t work
  • 23:00 DEW attacks will cause journalists to be confronted
  • 25:38 Whole new power structure possible by January; In chaos, there is opportunity
  • 27:03 Dynamic action on Sep 24th regarding the Biden admin; Earthquakes
  • 29:00 You can’t make a shot against a mutating virus
  • 30:15 Need for a 9/11 event to cover financial problems

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