Greg Reese superbly summarizes the seriousness of remote viewing, the anticipated catastrophic event, and the alignment with what the predictive linguistics data is showing Clif High.

  • 00:06 Counter-culture is now aware of false flags
  • 00:28 Nearly all humans have psychic awareness
  • 00:36 DOD coined the term “remote viewing”
  • 00:58 Dick Allgire clip (source video)
  • 01:19 Remote viewing under double-blind protocol
  • 01:45 Successful predictions: Panama Canal Incident; Destruction of Kakhovka Dam; Halloween Stampede; Police violence against Canadian trucker protestors
  • 02:00
  • 02:05 Coming catastrophic event overpowered viewing of all others: Massive explosions; Multiple points of impact; Small particles and debris falling from sky; Cesium sickness; Police checkpoints; Seeking underground shelter; Exodus
  • 02:52 Clif High’s Predictive Linguistics
  • 03:25 Ejecta
  • 03:27 Clif High clip (source video)
  • 04:15 Awareness may help the event not happen
  • 04:55 End

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