Clif considers the three scenarios being discussed regarding the unprecedented, 2-hour long test of the Emergency Broadcast System of October 4th.

  • 00:23 Good info on Clif High’s Pure Sleep; No melatonin; Aids the body to repair during sleep; GABA to aid in sleep – precursor to HGH; Aids the body in creating HGH; How the body uses melatonin — 365-day calendar; Night shift workers
  • 06:31 Yukteswar Giri – Hindu mathematician who developed the concept of the Yugas in 1894; Predicted electricity and finer degree of molecular; Plasma-based tech
  • 10:10 October 4 Emergency Broadcast System test; 2-hour length is very unusual; (1) Zombies from lipid fracture that releases toxin; (2) Zombies via energetic signal; 5G = microwave = used to produce soybean oil
  • 21:25 Creating a riot with 5G
  • 22:30 Body uses lipids to accumulate toxins
  • 25:30 Reasons to keep phone off
  • 28:00 Melatonin and melanin; Pineal gland; Strobing light
  • 33:10 Why 2-hour EBS?; (3) Military to take control; Hard to believe it is viable to arrest that many people
  • 40:20 (4) Unknown – most likely

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  1. Related Item from April 2021:
    “Feds Plan To Broadcast Government Propaganda To Streaming Platforms” [04/02/21]

      “NextGov recently reported [ ] that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to have the ability to interrupt streaming platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify and Pandora so they can broadcast “government safety alerts.” “Per the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the FCC is investigating redefining parts of the national Emergency Alert System, or EAS, and Wireless Emergency Alert System, or WEAS, including developing alerting requirements for online streaming platforms.” An emergency 9/11 Act has been transformed into a 2021 privacy destroying act. The Feds want the public’s opinion on what they think about allowing government agents access to what Americans are watching on streaming services. […] NextGov claims that the FCC has a lot of work to do because it needs to overcome defining what constitutes a “streaming service.” As you will see, it really won’t be much of a hurdle to overcome. Apparently, the Feds want to use something similar to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project which will allow authorities to play synchronized media streams like audio and video streams in a continuous way while those streams are being transmitted to the client over a data network. […] TITLE XCII–Communication Matters of the 2021 NDAA gives the Feds immense leeway to broadcast government propaganda to all social media platforms. Section 9201 allows the FCC to create a “reliable emergency alert distribution improvement.” (Use keyword search “alert” to find the section.) The new changes allows the President and the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Administration to issue government safety alerts. It also allows the government to create the State Emergency Communications Committee allowing state officials to issue local government warnings. Section 9201 allows the president to disseminate, notify or alert the public of missile threats against the United States, or threats to public safety. (Whatever that might be.) […] Where it starts to get interesting, or disturbing depending on your point of view, is section 9201 “Internet and Online Streaming Services Emergency Alert Examination.” It appears that government officials are worried that people are tuning out the mass media and watching less cable TV, thereby missing out on much of the government’s version of events. So how do they reach these people? By designing a new Emergency Alert system that can interrupt streaming platforms of course. […]” |

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