There may be practical purposes for chemtrails. But the fact that they have remained such an open conspiracy for decades shows us that there are some normies that are incapable of seeing what is right in front of their faces.

  • 00:40 Chemtrails effecting temperature
  • 01:55 Clif’s bike-riding days
  • 03:18 Clif confronted by wokonians at Evergreen State College
  • 05:55 Normies don’t see chemtrails;
  • 07:34 EBS Test; Water-Injected Engines produce contrails
  • 10:26 Noticing chemtrails in the 1990s; Chemical rainbow
  • 12:50 Historical films showing chemtrails in 1969
  • 14:35 Working for the fisheries
  • 17:00 Trimaran trip
  • 20:55 50% reduction in sperm production; Much lower testosterone; Neurine diseases
  • 23:00 Accountability for vaccine makers
  • 24:15 No chemtrails in Russia
  • 25:00 In-your-face conspiracy
  • 26:45 Practical purposes for chemtrails

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