Personal discipline and responsibility will be key to successfully navigating the coming turmoil and thriving in the new epoch.

  • 00:40 You are working at 2 cents on the dollar
  • 02:40 Personal discipline and personal responsibility; We no longer have patience for BS
  • 05:15 Leftist journalists being attacked and killed; Women reporter getting hit in the nose
  • 06:40 Separation from mainstream media is a symptom of a bigger societal movement
  • 08:13 Personal discipline and personal responsibility; Clif’s death after cancer
  • 09:30 When you are dead, there is no emotion; Soul is not conscious of itself
  • 13:00 Larger war is about to bust out;
  • 15:45 Multiple incidents will be viewed as one big event
  • 17:45 Khazarian Mafia
  • 19:50 Chemtrails and sperm count reduced by half; New possibilities abound chemtrails when truth is exposed
  • 23:50 Beta males lack personal responsibility and discipline; Martial arts will help to develop discipline

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