Panic over possible mass destruction will be pushed over the next few days. The woo-aware can take it in stride as the future is extremely bright due to an invention bloom over the next 50 years.

00:28 In the next few days, people will freak out over the idea that we live on the “Eve of Destruction”; Woo people will coast through – remain unattached;
04:25 Khazarian Mafia is in a world of hurt and will be pushing the sum of all fears; Tweet trends about Bill Gates and child r*pe trial; Epstein
09:00 75-year block hangover from KaliYuga
12:15 Invention bloom over the next 50 years; Rethinking gravity
14:20 History books will include the activities of the Khazarian Mafia; Post-COVID generation will be parents to the largest group of inventors we’ve ever seen
16:10 Future is very bright!

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