Alien version of telepathy may tend to manipulate human emotions. If we are struck with sudden fits of fear, make note if it is coming from an outside source.

  • 00:44 Ingo Swann’s experiments on telepathy; Ingo’s impression was that alien telepathy was different…more like emotional control
  • 04:15 Thinking and linguistic parts of the brain linked to the thymus and hypothalamus
  • 06:31 Ingo thinks the aliens used emotional control to conquer humans
  • 10:35 Humans should be aware that the fear mode may be coming from an outside source
  • 12:00 Video of CrossFit guys causing a stampede panic among diners; Cascading emotions
  • 21:50 Einstein model of consciuosness coming from grit; Jewish science basically denies a creator
  • 25:00 Interdimensions are bogus
  • 26:30 Importance of aether to understanding psychic abilitiies
  • 30:10 Counsel of Naica erased space aliens from canonized version of history

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