The plane crash of JSnip4 Joe provides an excellent demonstration of how data sets are linked by temporal markers. In this case there are a plethora of connected “Splits Happen” events.

  • 01:05 Data gathering process no longer works like it used to; Censorship is still an issue
  • 03:00 Catastrophe earth has been pushed since 1947; Strange Energies from Space
  • 05:30 Sabbatai Zevy – Jewish messiah; Talmud condemns Christ to boil forever in urine, feces, and blood
  • 06:13 Clif Red Pilled when JFK was assassinated; 16,000 people in Twin Towers…liability; 3600 people did not show up for work on 9/11; Clearly an inside job; Insurance companies owned by same deep state players
  • 09:10 Data sets used Set Theory Math;
  • 16:30 Joe JSnip4 plane crash
  • 23:05 Joe’s dream about big crash around bitcoin $38,000
  • 25:55 Related sets include Splits Happen; J6 tapes out; Democrats from normies; Media from normies; X advertisers; Clif High’s Pure Sleep; Leaving Congress
  • 28:20 Woo media will get huge spikes in traffic; MSM will be forced to address

Direct audio link:

Clif High's Pure Sleep
Clif High Library
Clif High Necessities
C60 Purple Power

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