Clif dives right into a diverse bunch of subjects: Normies are relatively recently reincarnated humans; Schooling trains you to parrot, not think; Abrahamic religions about to flip out.

  • 10:00 Interview begins
  • 13:00 Why the average person has a different view of the world; Many reincarnated lives to learn to deal with emotions; Triune being: Thinker, Knower, and Doer
  • 17:50 Schooling does not train you to think…it trains you to parrot
  • 18:30 Clif felt American educated kids were dumb after his own education all over the world
  • 20:16-00:21:38 Ad: Freedom Buying Club
  • 22:30 New energies from galactic center don’t support the current elite; People catch on faster to each event: Covid > Ukraine > Israel
  • 24:30 Elohim Denial Problem; El Elyon; Holy Spirit > Ruach > Rocket Ship; Yiddish/German word for fire
  • 30:00 Long life of the El makes them think differently
  • 31:35 Christ = Anointed One; Mauro Biglino; Jainism
  • 40:00 Mass of humans are “youngish”—not many reincarnations—so they go along, get hooked on drugs, etc.
  • 41:55 Detached perspective of awake people
  • 44:20 Joseph Smith invented Mormonism; Other religions will deal with same type of thing when space aliens are revealed; Sky anomalies; Clif’s night vision goggles
  • 47:25 Einsteinian physics is wrong; Dark Matter is really plasma; CERN yielded nothing
  • 51:55 T Townsend Brown conquered gravity in 1954; Eric Weinstein
  • 54:15 In the new yuga, Universe won’t support stupid thinking; Kerry Cassidy; The idea of earth catastrophes was inserted by WEF; Yellowstone is a depressurized volcano—no danger; Big change in the way normies are behaving
  • 59:45 Peeing on mask holes

Continued on Part 2

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