In this final part of Sarah’s interview with Clif, subjects covered include the nature of karma and reincarnation, age and function of pyramids, and why web scraping is no longer viable.

Continued from Part 2

  • 00:06 Pickup from Part 2 about the existence of scars demonstrates how the existence of replacement clones is stupid
  • 02:00 1/12 Doer; Binary nature of reincarnation; Karma
  • 05:50 Cathars; Cathar cross predates Christ by 10,000 years; Tartaria; Universe depends on our experience; Suicide is not perpetuated…It is hugely difficult to become human
  • 10:00 Vibrational frequency is your ID
  • 14:30 Spiritual guides = intuition; Shaman
  • 17:30 Obama’s trip to Egypt to investigate his past lives; Pharoah; Essenes; Hebrews were never in Egypt
  • 20:24 Pyramids predate Atlantis, maybe 47,000 years ago; 15,000 identified pyramids; Pyramids are electrical power plants
  • 22:50 Ingo Swan interacting with beings on the moon;
  • 24:45 Mauro Biglino on lifespan of the Essenes; Khazarians die in their 60s; Humans with long lifespans
  • 26:55 Clif died three times; At age 70, he’s put on 62 pounds of muscle
  • 30:10 Sarah’s obsession with helping people avoid the Covid penetration
  • 32:50 Clif’s Alta reports; Most of web is now closed, don’t allow web scraping
  • 36:00 Google’s vulnerability; Invent new words to get around censorship
  • 39:25 Why more normies don’t move to alternative platforms?
  • 41:00 Removal of authority; Fauci; Eric Weinstein
  • 42:00 Unlikely to be other species of space aliens; Constellations like Pleiades exist only from Earth’s perspective
  • 43:55 Sun is Electric; Velikovsky; Consciousness created grit; Sun is metallic; Boscovich

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