House-hunting woes, disdain of HOA, installer of early satellite dishes, Splits Happen – alt media speaking up about weird things, and bitcoin expectations.

  • 00:10 Clif’s house-hunting woes
  • 05:06 Clif’s HOA experience; Installing satellite dishes
  • 12:00 Building at current location; Building unpermitted
  • 18:40 Splits Happening; Serious alt media talking about all the strange things happening
  • 20:00 2024 will be peak year of die-off
  • 21:00 Kim Dotcom offers $145,000 for original video of Malaysian Flight 370 disappearance
  • 26:23 Remote Viewer guys on BeyondMystic; Bitcoin resistance level is $37,889; Next big bull run maybe in December
  • 28:30 Some countries with major problems with internal money will convert to bitcoin and kill off their central banks; US physical dollars outside the country will gain relative value

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