What to expect during a currency crash, public response to CBDC, XRP bait-and-switch, and the beauty of the blockchain from a coding and functional perspective.

  • 00:54 Wrestling with Kozyrev time issues
  • 01:44 Monetary Collapse; Priveledge of global reserve currency should be earned; Intro of petrodollar
  • 03:40 Crash of French fiat currency in Europe in the 1960s
  • 04:40 1-to-5 Swap
  • 05:40 US could confiscate gold from safety deposit boxes because gold could be staked and insured
  • 07:30 Today’s currency collapse will be similar; Previous banking collapses go through a rough 6 months; Deep State will be desperate for public acceptance of one of their three solutions: CBDC – XRP
  • 8:50 crypto code claims; blockchain; bitcoin; Code for wallet; Code for miner; Donating Monero to Jeff Berwick’s Hurricane Otis Recovery; International Settlements
  • 22:00 XRP holders will become fantastically wealthy for a short time as bankers will exchange CBDCs for XRP
  • 23:20 Failure of religion due to UFOs and space aliens
  • 28:30 Maybe 10 years before we feel like we’ve returned to normal

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/cryptos-crash-and-duration

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