This week’s fight with Bo Polny serves as an early example of the emotional turmoil Christians will soon face regarding the Elohim-worship at the root of their religion.

  • 01:19 Mercury in Retrograde; Big fight with Bo Polny, Christians, and Observant Jews; Elohim
  • 02:25 Worse expectation now than seeing the data 10 years ago; Major transformation of social order in compressed amount of time
  • 03:30 Bo Polny indicators; Daniel’s Timeline; Yahweh’s contract with house of Jacob
  • 08:15 Why the Jews killed Jesus; Elohim Worship
  • 12:00 Megachurch turmoil
  • 13:25 Jesus rejected Elohim worship
  • 14:15 1000 bible versions
  • 15:57 2024-25 turmoil in Muslim world around the Elohim
  • 20:30 Bo Polny as archetype for Brittle Christian; Rice Chrisitian
  • 23:10 Talmud is evil
  • 24:51 Kol Nidre – no need to honor contracts with non-Jews

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