Explanation of why Clif rejected an interview with Rafi Farber. The bots are predicting huge fireworks starting Feb 18th and US political upheaval from May to Oct.

  • 01:29 Not inclined to interview with Rafi Farber; Previous Rafi Farber interview
  • 07:34 AI suggesting human trafficking will likely be reduced and Elohim will be upset because their food supply is cut off
  • 08:48 Blood extraction supplies are 9 times larger than they should be
  • 10:52 Rumor about Jewish operation in Ukraine that creates a blood product from human blood
  • 13:25 Dried and powdered human baby flesh put into products
  • 14:10 Expats living in Russia saying Russian textbooks coming that will describe Judaism as an El-worshipping cult intent on harvesting humanity
  • 20:25 Web scraping is no a crime; NYT is suing ChatGPT
  • 22:35 Hyperinflation in May; May to Oct failure of US political system; Wild election; Crack-up Boom
  • 28:18 Subdivisions of Jews in NY will be burned to the ground and slaughtered; Judaism, Christianity, Islam are cults
  • 32:05 Watch for Feb 18

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/alien-you-know-which-ones-cult

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