Expecting a perfect Kondratiev crack-up boom scenario in the first half of 2024.

  • 00:36 Retired Navy Commander experience over 200 UAP incidents
  • 01:30 Kerry Cassidy beef with Clif and prophetic dreams; Need repetition
  • 04:15 Jsnip4’s bitcoin dream vs airplane crash
  • 05:10 Crack-up Boom; Nikolai Kondratiev; Stalin was a Khazarian Jew
  • 08:45 Capitalism is great!
  • 09:50 Banks are desperate to avoid deflation
  • 11:00 Supplies are running out because money is sh!t
  • 14:10 Kondratiev said capitalism with sound money would never collapse; Banks on fiat money will cause crack-up boom; Central bank has to keep printing money faster to stay ahead of falling confidence
  • 17:00 Possible trigger for Feb: Students stop paying loans
  • 18:20 Bo Polny’s end-of-year prediction didn’t happen
  • 19:00 Big Money Guy analysis of Bo Polny = 1 out of 27; One chartist has 60%
  • 23:50 Real Estate investment isn’t working well
  • 26:00 Guy making $17/hr. Costs him half that for cheap lunch
  • 27:20 Crack-up Boom starts in Feb; All-time high stock market in Mar; Downhill fast in Apr & May

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/crack-up-boom-just-ahead-in-2024

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