Failure of authorities (US currency, Federal Reserve, BigPharma, etc.) which can no longer pushback with disinfo in the coming Hypernovelty period. SciFi world will soon follow with investment of true money into new ideas.

  • 00:36 SciFi World and the Death of the American Empire; String of people murders to make way for Federal Reserve
  • 01:58 Death of Authority; US Dollar currency is failing; Change in purchase power; Can no longer survive of government-supplied retirement
  • 06:00 Politicians scared; Stalkers of Clif has pictures of Clif, JC, and others on his phone
  • 07:00 SciFi World emerging out of Hypernovelty because their will be no authorities to create disinfo blowback to new ideas
  • 08:00 Markets; Crackup Boom; Merchants seeing signs of depression; Money will be shoveled into stock market
  • 10:30 Net-negative return for working for wages; etc.; Doubling of pharma bills
  • 11:40 Society will begin defaulting on debts, student loans;
  • 13:20 Evolution of social order from disrepair to fixing things
  • 16:40 SciFi World emerging toward the end of the year; Tons of new inventions due to investment of real money
  • 18:00 Clif investing in company creating novel electric tool
  • 20:43 Normies worried about the jab they took, but won’t act on it until authority of BigPharma crashes
  • 22:00 Those who have been keeping up with Clif have the jump on the Elohim subject that everyone will soon be facing
  • 23:48 January will end in chaos; Release tension in February; April 3rd Hypernovelty snowball effect until it hits normies in June

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