Universe expended a huge amount of energy keeping Jsnip4 alive because he is needed for something significant in the future.

  • 00:20 Reaching HyperSpace by way of psychodelics; Perpectual Now
  • 02:30 Time in hyperspace is crystalline in nature
  • 06:10 Names don’t exist in hyperspace…they are only attached to bodies; Jsnip4’s plane crash; Vietnam guy
  • 09:40 Channeling is horseshit; Chapter 4 of Thinking and Destiny
  • 10:00 Time and Relativity; Time powers the Pulse; Duration
  • 17:16 Buckminster Fuller
  • 17:53 Irreversibility of Time
  • 20:18 Statistical significance of Jsnip4’s plane crash
  • 22:45 Einstein considers Time a 4th dimension; Time Travel is bogus
  • 24:00 Reverse engineering alien spacecraft
  • 25:20 Kozyrev local time manipulation
  • 27:15 Reptilians
  • 30:40 Observing time crystal irreversibility
  • 32:00 Naomi Wolf
  • 34:30 Inhabited Moon; Ringmakers of Saturn

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/hyperspace-and-time

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