Clif addresses the AI fear porn being spread by people like Kerry Cassidy and Gene Decode. As both a deep coder and someone who was scraping the web before Google came along, Clif is uniquely qualified to provide insight on the subject.

  • 00:27 Legal battle with CBD producer; Soap bark Tree Extract (Quillajo) – Causes thinning of the mucus lining; C60 Purple Power
  • 02:50 AI; Kerry Cassidy and Gene Decode are clueless about AI; Prompt Injection
  • 05:11 Want and Desire is prompted in the body by hormones; Testosterone in men make movement fun; Cortisol
  • 09:45 Hypothalamus is very sensitive to smell
  • 10:15 AI has no hormone, no awareness; AI is indexes; Database; AI is a search engine; Instead of top-down code, AI operates on collapse of weighted potential on indexes; Google only indexes 3% of Internet
  • 15:08 AI works on training – Neural Node; Gargage In Garbage Out
  • 22:00 Large Language Model (LLM); Weighted Potential
  • 27:00 No consciousness
  • 29:20 Contrary to what Gene Decode is saying, AI can’t read the whole Internet 300-500 times per day
  • 32:18 Web Scraping
  • 37:40 Kerry Cassidy relize on authority
  • 40:15 Coming lessons on using AI for lawsuites

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3 thoughts on “20240123 – AI & Bullshit”
  1. Hi Clif … re your dog – you said mucous membranes largely affected? I’m a naturopath … and a mega dog lover … Are you aware that to build/repair mucous membranes (any of them, because it’s the goblet cells that need to be replenished/repaired) vitamin A is necessary? Best source of vitamin A is cod liver oil … (is natural source and contains vit A & vit D in natural ratio for humans. Not sure about dosage for dogs (but you can ask a vet) … I have an English staffi and I give it to him from time to time at 1,000mg cod liver oil (capsule form … he just pops them quite happily) … Any time mucous membrane is involved, cod liver oil is my go to. Also, I assume it’s GI tract affected? If so, you can also give slippery elm bark (capsules or powder) which is an emolient for mucous membrane because it provides a ‘mucousy’ coating – marshmallow root also … but slippery elm is easier to administer. I’m a naturopath, by the way.

    I live by this book for my 5 old chihuahua’s. I’ve followed her guidelines for years, it keeps my dogs healthy and fit. I even have one with heart problems since birth, she is very fit and age 12.

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