The woo community is cleaning out the likes of Phil Godlewski and Charlie Ward. Investment scenarios in anticipation of the new Trump term.

  • 00:45 Getting into serious hypernovelty; Crises point on February 18, a couple in March, and first week of April; Difficult time for normies; 81-point delta may be reached
  • 03:40 Static money will take a hit…retirement money, etc.
  • 06:10 Economic problems may result in not being able to finance immigration; EU will fall as countries go back to original borders
  • 12:00 Lost of infighting in alt media; Phil Godlewski; Flat Earth; Corey Goode
  • 19:00 Firmament = Exclusion Zone = Gons
  • 23:00 Charlie Ward; Jan Halper-Hays
  • 27:15 Severe economic issues Feb, Mar, Apr, May
  • 29:30 Jewish media; Persecution from Jews
  • 32:00 Working with people with lots of money; Real Estate; Monetary system crash…putting money in real estate; Gas and oil resources on north Pacific coast; Oil City
  • 44:12 Rental houses; 20 years to rebuild or replace the airline industry; Cruise industry
  • 51:40 Playing out bitcoin vs real estate
  • 53:26 Energy boom when Trump gets back
  • 54:25 Gold-rich timberland property; Gravel
  • 57:28 Boom period of cryptos

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