Sussing out details from ancient manuscripts about Vytamana flying ships, their pilots, and the mind-to-machine interface.

  • 00:25 Vytamana and other UFOs; Requirement for Vytamana pilots; No economic incentives
  • 03:28 Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali
  • 06:05 Ancient Russian books being scanned and translated; Supersonic tech may be derived from ancient text; Reduced friction, cavitation, and drag through the air
  • 14:00 Vytamana
  • 16:50 Only 4% of books in Sanskrit have been translated
  • 18:40 Old document that appears to be Turkish and Armenian; AI and OCR
  • 23:35 Bridge piece for the book of Luke; Mark, Luke, and Q Document
  • 27:40 AI to improve productivity
  • 29:22 Mind2Machine interface; 40 documents related to pilots of Vytamana
  • 33:55 Goethe Dark Spectrum

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