This year will bring upheaval to religions as information about the Elohim is revealed and false history is removed.

  • 00:25 Age of Aquarius; Truth as an emotion; Lies falling away in hypernovelty; Judaism as it exists now will disappear
  • 05:00 Contact with space aliens will cause religious upheaval; Muslim religion will be effected by Gabriel as Elohim
  • 08:20 Jesus death and resurrection; Rejection of Jews who follow the Talmud
  • 12:40 New Christianity
  • 15:20 Catholic churches sold and synagogues abandoned; Sexual abuse and torture in Hasidic population; Eye for eye in Jewish community
  • 18:38 Political assignations within communism
  • 21:00 Feb 18th starts big economic shifts and exposure of evil-doers
  • 23:00 Extra 1000 years; Purging grifters from patriot community

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