Most “truthers” claiming to have NDAs that prevent them from sharing details about things like med beds or QFS are revealing themselves as grifters.

  • 00:35 Non-Disclosure Agreements; Some grifters use the NDA excuse to get them out of providing details; Clif’s experience with NDAs
  • 06:00 Charlie Ward’s claim of NDA preventing him from giving details of the QFS is horseshit; Clif wrote software to get telephone service on airlines; Other Service Provider (OSB)
  • 12:40 Why NDAs on med beds do not make sense
  • 15:00 Phil Godlewski aided in his own exposure due to his own lawsuit
  • 18:30 NDAs are a pain in the ass
  • 26:35 Software companies “white room” or clean room
  • 30:55 Analog Computing
  • 34:05 Stolen valor of Phil Godlewski and Corey Goode

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