Kerry Cassidy will lose all credibility due to the grifters for whom she has provided a platform. They will be exposed, as will those undermining humanity while hiding behind certain religions.

  • 00:30 The Great Unvaccinated
  • 02:4o Phil Godlewski documentary
  • 05:15 The billionaire that Clif knows
  • 07:20 Kerry Cassidy will lose all credibility due to the people she has interviewed
  • 10:05 Einstein was a pedo
  • 11:40 Alex Jones human/monkey hybrid video
  • 15:50 Bret Weinstein wrestling with idea of being controlled oposition
  • 18:00 It would be easier to kill Mark Richards if he was disclosing real details
  • 22:00 Bounties on elites
  • 24:26 Revolutionary War comparison – shoot the British officer, not the Hessian mercenaries
  • 27:00 Religious civil war
  • 30:30 Stupidity of trying to convert Christians when space aliens are going to negate their religion anyway

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