Clif is getting a good handle of what the data may be showing through this Summer: AmRev2, Death of fiat and CIA, huge UFO show.

  • 01:45 Everyone knows the motherWEFers and are ready to deal with them rather than the peons; We will be in AmRev2 when local politicians in the US end up with piles of manure and such in their yard; City council meetings will be taken over
  • 08:30 Worst tax collecting year in history
  • 11:45 Elected officials resigning early will need to be replaced at last minute
  • 12:50 Stock market crash in April; Bitcoin is building a floor at $52,000
  • 16:50 Elohim Worship Cult cannot exist without central bank/fiat currency
  • 19:50 Israel is largest seller of body parts on the planet
  • 21:00 Evolution of Jewish decadence in Germany; Pedophilia in the Talmud
  • 25:55 Activity about UFOs beginning in May; Amazing UFO show over a US crowd/event
  • 31L05 Ultra High Frequency electrics; Vibration engines
  • 32:39 Joe (Jsnip4) gets famous
  • 33:30 Anomalous weather
  • 37:00 Death of CIA
  • 38:55 Start growing food

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