Upcoming bitcoin: $88,000 triple bounce then floor. Through 120K, back down around 90K, then past 100k in time for Christmas parties.

  • 00:47 Bitcoin over $60,000; Crack-up Boom; Silver and Gold will follow the same path as bitcoin; Real estate collapse
  • 06:00 Bitcoin projections as halvening approaches – possibly exceed $120,000; $100,000 bitcoin parties by Christmas
  • 10:28 $1 million bitcoin by 2025; Death of petrodollar
  • 13:27 Bitcoiner mindset is similar to those who refused the clot shots
  • 15:45 $75,000 bitcoin = minor marker; $88,000 bitcoin = major marker; Never see $88,000 again after bitcoin goes through it three times
  • 19:00 Silver waking up
  • 21:45 Kinetic activity in March; Frenetic, freak out activity in April due to dollar degradation means people won’t be paid to keep secrets
  • 23:30 Commercial real estate has collapsed = Banking system cannot come up with reserves to cover losses; Bitcoiners looking at commercial real estate

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/long-day-busy-year

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2 thoughts on “20240228 – Kondratiev’s Revenge”
  1. What does Clif mean when he states that Bitcoin will “crap out”? I’m trying to figure out if I should buy bitcoin this week, but this language confuses me as to his prediction of Bitcoin. Please explain.
    Thank you.

    1. Our understanding is that “crap out” was just Clif’s term for the pauses and dips. There’s a good chance of blasting through $88k, but then it’ll go back to $60k before bouncing back above $88k a couple more times. Then it could reach $120k, before “crapping out” back below $100k. But if we’ve got our eyes on the $100k parties at Christmas—whether this one or at some point in the future—anything below that is a good time to buy. And we can just ignore all the peaks and valleys in between.

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