Lots of personalities in the alt community were duped into partnering with The Wellness Company (TWC) and are now dealing with the chaos and consequences.

  • 00:35 Drama around The Wellness Company (TWC); Amazing Polly show on TWC; Intelligence industry ties; Clif has been acquainted with CIA officers since age 7 or 8 due to his dad’s military access; Military vs CIA in Vietnam
  • 03:20 Top dogs in TWC are huge Democrat donors
  • 04:20 Affiliate links; Laundering?
  • 08:24 Foster Coulson interview linguistics; UN contracts
  • 15:55 More UFO appearances; Mass UFO sighting at a summer event
  • 18:25 Egypt has devalued its currency; In revolution now; Brazil HAARP; Utah and Alaska; UN may stage US invasion from Utah
  • 22:15 Smarmy TWC rep approached Clif
  • 23:30 Aug/Sep activities will make Jewish people very uneasy; Tartaria coming to Russian textbooks

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/dramedy-at-twc-corral

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