The black guy who got a beat down after hitting an Asian woman is an example of the instant street justice coming everywhere. Likewise, native populations will drive back invading immigrants.

  • 01:52 Law vs Justice; Justice occurring out of law is emotionally weaker than justice out of the population; Example of the instant street justice of the black man who got instant justice after he hit the Asian woman in the head
  • 05:22 Street battles between native population vs invading immigrants; Slaughter in Ireland/Europe
  • 8:00 May be short-circuited in the US if military starts rounding up invaders
  • 10:50 Gen Z will be impacted by what they see; “We’re all Gaza now!”
  • 11:40 Rabbinical councils are under military observation
  • 12:40 Data indicated the whole Jewish enclaves would be under attack
  • 16:30 Laws prohibiting Israelis from doing business in the US
  • 17:40 Pops off in mid-May; July 15,16 UFO temporal marker
  • 21:00 Most of Clif’s stalkers have been Jewish
  • 22:10 Black Tuesday stock market crash, maybe in May
  • 24:00 Famine; Execution/assassination of Bill Gates

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