The elites will be facing tons of problems as normies become aware of the purposeful agendas. Media personalities won’t be spared due to the role they played.

  • 01:00 HyperNovelty will cause the propagandists/media problems because they will be forced to report that the elites did it on purpose; Media themselves will be called out
  • 04:06 Major event(s) July 15,16 causes a building tension spike more massive than CLif has ever seen
  • 05:20 Jay Weidner’s squib theory for JFK assassination
  • 07:58 Suing the entertainment industry for deception with trannies…back to 30s and Jewish ownership
  • 10:00 Street justice; Riots if those who performed street justice are punished
  • 15:27 Bo Polny’s use of the word “Biblical” – Jew worship
  • 19:00 Making preparations
  • 21:05 American Holodomor
  • 22:20 Breakdown in working conditions
  • 23:00 Clif’s chemtrail picture contest for May; Since 1969, 50% sperm count reduction in all species

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