There is a possibility that one of the purposes of chemtrails is to protect computer chips from damage—both instantaneous and gradual—cause by solar events.

  • 01:14 May is chemtrail awareness month; Flooding in Dubai; Send chemtrail pics to Clif’s Twitter account for a chance at a gold coin
  • 03:45 Download books to Kindle divide in prep for long blackout; AI is not sentient – needs training material; AI cannot create or discriminate beyond what’s in its database; Military training against AI machine gun
  • 11:15 Adapting to SciFi World; JewDEWS
  • 16:13 Clif’s military brat contact has written software for sensors to follow a non-EMF energy; Chemtrails may serve as protection against solar event damaging computer chips; Gradual degradation also concern.

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