Considering applications for the Pulse’s phi relationship to matter (the golden ration). This is key to our utilization of Zero Point Energy—something which will happen soon.

  • 00:20 Halts in time; Nicola Tesla and frequency; Interruption of Old Farts Group
  • 02:28 The Pulse and Matter; 22 trillion times per second; Kozyrev
  • 05:35 Pulse comes in as Phi; Golden Ratio; Viktor Schauberger water vortexes
  • 11:40 Practical applications of understanding the Phi relationship;
  • 15:40 Phi relationships of an egg; Kozyrev and time
  • 18:35 No time travel; Interdimensionals; Folding space and time
  • 20:48 Tesla’s 3, 6, 9 frequency; Moving between frames
  • 24:55 Corey Goode could have proven his time travel or off-planet experience with a blood test
  • 25:50 Moving into Zero Point Energy (ZPE); Advantages to being out-of-phase
  • 27:42 Most colleges will collapse over the year; Using Israeli conflict as an excuse; Communists need university system

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