Clif provides more details on what the data is indicating about the July 15th “event”—the massively recorded weirdness that we will still be questioning into 2025.

  • 00:30 Spike in emotional data on July 15th; USA-centered
  • 02:15 Future Forecasting Remote Viewing guys seem to confirm UFO component; Questioning
  • 05:18 Data is showing “an event”—some type of weirdness—that causes a questioning; Lots of recording of the event makes it an absolute certainty
  • 10:30 Still discussing in 2025; 10% of humanity dealing with this by the end of year; Formal response by officialdom
  • 12:50 Department of Defense put out the Flat Earth meme in 2000
  • 22:55 Financial puke out earlier in the month

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