Broad overview of Elohim economics and how it has influenced one of their conquered territories, Planet Earth.

  • 00:40 Normies being bitch-slapped as the naradigm breaks down
  • 03:20 The Fourth Turning; Age of Aquarius; Leaving Kali Yuga; 25 years of chaos to 25 years of SciFi World build-out
  • 06:10 Economic Ecology inherited from the Elohim
  • 12:15 Environmental destruction caused by Elohim invasion; Destruction of Atlantis; Noah’s Flood
  • 15:40 Elohim are long-lived species; Economic change; Gons
  • 22:45 All economies based on excess calories
  • 28:15 Annunaki, Davas, Elohim – Different names for the Elohim

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One thought on “20240630 – Economic Ecology of the ELohim”
  1. clif love your videos higer learning for me filling in some blanks giving me a well rounded education thank you .we live in eastern az.weve been hit with chem trails for years have many Fotos been prepinjg for many years 24 years here slowly building house stuido metal garage greenhouse and garden massive effort in garden have a good herd of goats seed savers i grow my own weed every year started with rocket seeds got my retirement so i can build faster car port metal storage building 8 kw solar system and a solar system for water chainlink fence and killer dogs who love us and guns been through a few bottles of c60 take many vitamin’s 3 years ago had prostate and colon surgery no cancer had been taking rick simpson oil that i made from some of my weed may we meet somewhere someday again thank you .

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