The expansionist nature of ontology accommodates the complexity of consciousness while the reductionist nature of gritology becomes evermore complicated.

  • 01:20 2 understandings of reality: grit vs consciousness
  • 05:00 Z-physics; Infinite consciousness; Isolating little consciousnesses; Ontological examination
  • 11:00 Reductionism (gritology) doesn’t work with complexity
  • 16:55 Manipulating ki force
  • 23:05 Our matterium is not absolute; Dick Allgire
  • 27:32 Bret Weinstein; Eric Weinstein
  • 31:25 Separating space and time; Kozyrev; Buckminster Fuller; Walter Russell; Terrance Howard
  • 34:45 Zen mind = Beginner’s mind; Harmonizing with the larger waves

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