Short video from Clif High explaining he’s okay but life changes have led to new style of videos. Humanity is experiencing the shift from Overwoo into the SciFi World.

00:45 Will eventually discuss “biopressure; Moving stuff…Having to setup video equipment
01:44 We’re in shift from “Overwoo” to “SciFi World”, hence lots of chaos and confusion
02:50 Emotional wall hit in mid-July – crash of economy, death of dollar, rise of cryptocurrencies
03:44 Khazarian Mafia will face greater costs and lower rate of return for their efforts; Old Guard falling
05:32 Delayed road project
06:44 MedBeds horseshit; Charlie Ward appearance
08:00 Wonderous War of the Moment is entering the stage of open warfare on the streets
09:26 Food Riots; “Secrets Revealed”; Kerry Cassity; Corey Goode
11:57 Multi-country naval operation interaction with UFOs/space aliens
13:36 New style of videos coming; Biosphere;
14:25 Those who THINK they are Jews don’t read Hebrew; Khazarian Mafia failure to control biopressure

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One thought on “22020625 – Bewilder”
  1. Good stuff Cliff. Just a quick thought – when speaking of the WEF, might preface with “so called WEF” the world isn’t on board for.

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