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Argentina is now going to accept BTC to settle international trade contracts.
Told ya’….how many years back. 2003 i said new money is coming.
2010, BTC was in the pennies.
My data said it would be used to settle trade agreements across borders.
Step by step, we are walking into SciFi world.
Now where is my floaty RV?

— Clif High, Dec 21, 2023 Tweet

Uncle Clif clued his followers into bitcoin very early. But many woo people haven’t gone deeper with bitcoin because, outside of Clif describing how beautiful it is from a coder’s perspective, they’ve only been exposed to it from within the woo. The purpose of this page is to introduce some of the deep thinking around bitcoin so you can lay a strong foundation on which to confidently build a financial citadel that is immune to whatever stupidity central governments and bankers are up to. We (the creators behind have enjoyed each of these audiobooks and listen daily to the highlighted podcasts.


The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking

Most of us have an inherent understanding that a gold standard would be better than the endlessly printed fiat we have today. Many bitcoiners were “gold bugs” before bitcoin. Their core ethic hasn’t changed. In a world of instant communication and wire transfers between countries, bitcoin converts the cost of energy generation into the ideal commodity that has both intrinsic value and ultimate transportability.

Listen to this interview to learn more about the book.

The Fiat Standard: Debt Slavery Alternative to Human Civilization

Written by the author of “The Bitcoin Standard”, “The Fiat Standard” explains how societies of the past flourished when there was a strong monetary standard and how devolution to a fiat standard is savagely linked to a “high time preference” which results in everything from fiat food (think seed oils) to fiat art and architecture (think modern art and oppressive/depressing government buildings). Bitcoin will return us to a “low time preference” world in which a higher priority is placed on the long-term consequences of one’s actions.

Part 1 and Part 2 of this interview provide great insight into the book and author.

Principles of Economics

This is the third and most recent bitcoin-related book by the author of “The Bitcoin Standard.” This one explains the importance of bitcoin against a wide background of economics and the long historical arc of civilization. Bitcoin has the potential to minimize the current bleak state of debt-based consumerism and return civilization to a paradise of leveraged productivity.

Good interview to familiarize oneself with the author and his purpose for this book.

Broken Money: Why Our Financial System is Failing Us and How We Can Make it Better

Broken Money explains why the gold standard HAD to be abandoned in a world where speed was more precious than universal value. Then it shows how bitcoin is able to merge the best of both worlds with technology that is far superior than the buggy system electronic system that has been cobbled together by banks since the 1950s.

Learn about Lyn’s engineering background and get a better idea of the insightfulness of this book by listening to this interview.


Bitcoin Audible

Search for BITCOIN AUDIBLE in your favorite podcast app to access current material.

Guy Swann was an early bitcoiner who started recording himself reading the best bitcoin-related articles he came across to share with friends and family. His passion project was so well-received that it became his full-time career and he is hugely respected within the bitcoin community. His tirades in the commentaries after each article are often better than the articles themselves.

Guy’s deep belief in bitcoin (based on a deep knowledge of it) will help keep your emotions on an even keel through the daily ups and downs of bitcoin.

Guy is also very picky about his advertisers and only endorses products he uses and loves. So the show’s ads are also educational for newbies needing good recommendations.

The Breakdown

Search for THE BREAKDOWN WITH NLW in your favorite podcast app to access current material.

The Breakdown with NLW (Nathaniel Whittemore) offers daily news bites on macroeconomics, bitcoin, geopolitics and big picture power shifts. It’s very good at helping you sort out the truth behind any riffraff that mainstream media may be puking out purely for sensationalism.


The Strike app is one of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin. It works on a layer built on top of bitcoin known as Lightning which makes transactions very fast and cheap. Strike’s founder, Jack Mallers played a key role in Ecuador making bitcoin an official currency. Ecuador’s businesses run on a variety of the Strike app. Watch this video to see how well Jack’s values align with Clif’s.